Fox News Reports No Link Between Matches, Gasoline and Fire

Fox News Reports No Link Between Matches, Gasoline and Fire


  1. Robin

    Rhetorical recklessness seems to be the leftist label of using war or hunting analogies; soil survey symbols, demonstrating a right to bear arms, fighting for your rights (notice “fighting” used innocuously).

    These terms have been used in business and politics since war began. Both parties have used them. I don’t know anybody that took the terms/analogies/symbols to mean get out your guns and kill people.

    There isn’t a shred of evidence that it does.

    Otherwise most music, movies and videos would be on a “hit list” to be banned. Anybody believe in book burning? Not likely, because that’s absurd. And so is the left’s attempt to call the political “Right” mass murderers (speaking of lunacy). This is worse than hyperbole; this is more inciting than the political metaphors. Accusing someone of having blood on their hands and the results of which will lead to losing rights (1st and 2nd amendment) is nothing short of a lynching mentality.

    A revolution doesn’t automatically mean violence. Many conservatives, Tea Partiers and talk show hosts from the right have denounced violence time and again. Tea Partiers have proven their non-violence presence through countless massive demonstrations over a two year span – the Tea Party is middle America, regular (previously non-political) folk…somebody needs some perspective!

    Here’s some;

    1. JT

      I Love that you started out complaining about “Rhetorical Recklessness” and ended with a link to Michelle Malkin….
      EPIC FAIL…

      1. Robin

        I may have not been entirely clear my friend…the left flank were the ones that had issues with rhetorical recklessness – all of a sudden no less! I was only pointing out the hypocrisy of cherry picking without looking at their recklessness. Michelle Malkin put a nice little list together in the article I linked to; she even followed it up with another “Get Righty” exposé. I subscribe to rhetoric and passionate debate and resent the “call for civility” only when it serves their purpose, something they didn’t or had any intentions of adhering to.

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