The Joke Turns Out to Be on Them: Rand Paul, Their Hero, is a Fake

MATT  TAIIBI TEA AND CRACKERS ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE …After Palin wraps up, I race to the parking lot in search of departing Medicare-motor-scooter conservatives. I come upon an elderly couple, Janice and David Wheelock, who are fairly itching to share their views. “I’m anti-spending and anti-government,” crows David, as scooter-bound Janice looks on. “The welfare […]


Palin Advises O’Donnell to “Speak Through Fox News”

RAW STORY By David Edwards and Muriel Kane Thursday, September 16th, 2010 Fox News has been accused at times by progressives of acting as an arm of the Republican Party, particularly in the wake of its parent company’s $1 million donation last month to the Republican Governors Association. During the current election season, however, that […]