Sarah Palin: “I Believe That the Jewish Settlements Should Be Allowed to Be Expanded Upon…” [ Even in the Palestinian Areas ]

THINK PROGRESS In an interview with ABC’s Barbara Walters, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin separated herself from decades of U.S. policy — which has held that Israel’s settlements in the Occupied Territories are illegitimate and an impediment to peace — saying that she thinks “Jewish settlements should be allowed to be expand”: WALTERS: The Obama […]


Cynthia McKinney Jailed in Israel – Refuses To Sign Plea

By RHONDA COOK The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saturday, July 04, 2009 With Cynthia McKinney due to appear in an Israeli court Sunday, the mother of the former congresswoman decided to skip a weekend family reunion in Alabama just in case State Department officials need any documents to get her released from jail. McKinney has been in […]