The Ben Affleck Islam Episode of Real Time With Bill Maher

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Ben Affleck, Nicholas Kristof, Michael Steele, Sam Harris

Changing Freedom Fries Back Into French Fries

Bill Maher, Salman Rushdie, Chris Hardwick, Carly Fiorina, Jay Leno and Paul Begala 

Live From Washington D.C. – It’s Bill Maher

Special Live show from D.C.

Seinfeld asks why Bill is so worked up about Hillary announcing that she is running.
Fatboy Haley Barbour is his usual oily self. Nancy Pelosi, Jon Huntsman and Mrs. Alan Greenspan round out the guests.


March 16, 2012 ~ Real Time With Bill Maher

Irishmen in the house….

March 16, 2012 ~ Real Time With Bill Maher

Paddy Chayefsky on Dinah Shore

Part Two

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