Lives On Google Earth With Wife and Daughter


KOOL KIDS MEDIA CLUB I can’t for the life of me find a valid account of Sandy Berger stuffing his pockets/pants with secrets, etc. etc. Ah, and there’s the rub these days in the Cool Kids Media Club. I tried hard; I love a good research hunt and spent some coin calling D.C. but I’m […]



SANDY BERGER IS A SPY!! Amazing that the two-year old Sandy Berger investigation leak came out two days before the (now all-but-forgotten, complete stonewalling every step along the way by this administration) 9/11 report would be released… David Brooks was just salivating the other night about how this five hundred page report is such a […]


Gassed His Own People

GASSED HIS OWN PEOPLE By John Tully The Los Angeles Sun 20 June 2004 One of the unfortunate things about doing things completely different from the Clinton administration is that you’re bound to trip all over yourself and skin your shins doing just that. Richard Clarke, the counterterror chief for President Clinton, kept on by […]


Letter From The Editor

JUNE 19 2004 A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR An Open Letter to:People who thought this war was a good idea. Period. Subtitle: You know who you are. You don’t get to sneer about how the evidence was there. You don’t get to scoff about how even Bill Clinton, Germany and France thought there were WMD’s. […]


The Editor comments on the news of the day

Against The Beheadists BECAUSE SOME OF US STILL LOVE OUR COUNTRY ——————————————————————————– IN A NEW YORK MINUTE BY JOHN TULLY THE LOS ANGELES SUN Being a vocal, loyal fan of the Redskins, Bullets and Redsox at an upstate New York boarding school didn’t go over too well with the lads. He hated their teams […]