Letter From The Editor

JUNE 19 2004

An Open Letter to:People who thought this war was a good idea.
Subtitle: You know who you are.
You don’t get to sneer about how the evidence was there.
You don’t get to scoff about how even Bill Clinton, Germany and France
thought there were WMD’s.
You don’t get to shriek about media-elite liberals just Bush-hating, conspiracy theorists
whining about Halliburton, and Saddam gassing his own people:
…Not when our leaders were so fully unprepared for this war that there was no legitimate
flank or rear security support for the thousands of vehicles, many endlessly breaking
down, in that convoy that stretched across the Iraqi desert at the beginning of the war.
…Not when they couldn’t even bribe Turkey into letting us enter Iraq from the north.
…Not when there weren’t enough MRE’s, tanks that would work in the sand
and flack-jackets for our troops .
…Not when our Marines suddenly became gendarmes on the streets
of Baghdad while we completely disbanded both the Iraqi army and
police and the country was being destroyed from the bottom up as
the looters demolished everything that the precision guided bombs
and Dick Lugar had been screaming about the need for a plan
post-war Iraq and what to do about the Shiites/Sunnis/Kurds
on The News Hour and Charlie Rose virtually every night for
the twelve months leading up to the start of the attack.
…Not when there was no budget for the war, funding was
asked for on the eve of the initial strike and there have been
no plans to pay for the ever-increasing cost.
…Not when Deputy Secretary Of Defense Paul
Wolfowitz is asked to give the number of Americans killed
in Iraq during a congressional commitee on April 29 2004
and he’s off by over two hundred soldiers.
…Not when they won’t let us see the bodies at Dover and
undercount casualties received in combat by the thousands.

Now bugger off and prepare for the trials.

John Tully
©The Los Angeles Sun

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