Bill Nye, Dylan Ratigan and Jeremy Scahill on Real Time w/ Bill Maher





  1. JD

    Why does Michael Hastings car crash top this post? And why is a bag of Skittles used to divide the videos? Just curious.

  2. Whys Man

    Maher and Nye have fun making fun of ‘religion’, making fun of this one guy Hamm who is pretty far out on the fringe, and making him stand for all of religion. This is deceitful and wrong. The Roman Catholic Church does not believe in a young earth and does NOT deny evolution at all. The Church believes there can be no true conflict between between God and science because God created man and it is man who does science. These foolish men, Maher and Nye, deny God and pick on a very foolish representative of God in order to “disprove” the whole thing. How tremendously foolish they are, not to mention arrogant and narrow minded.

    1. Tony Pittman

      Who are you to say anything to anyone, about anything. You don’t know anything about god. No one does. You believe all kinds of things. That doesn’t make them true. You, thinking you know everything and spouting your mouth off, makes you no different than Maher and Nye.

  3. William Harper

    Just discovered Tullycast! It is awesome! Thanks, especially for the Real Time W/Bill Maher shows. I don’t get HBO, anymore, but I always loved that show. Keep up the good work.

  4. Leon Anderson

    Ratigan’s/Klinenen’s(sp?) take on P.S. Hoffman’s diary and the culture at large was very interesting. He (Ratigan) has been for a long time it seems, a person who does what really interests me: begin or maintain a conversation through the media to us, from where it matters most. Always recalling the cause/s of the various consequences we are facing here at home and worldwide. Interesting show all together.

  5. Steve Church

    I’m hearing more and more people sold on the notion that our planet has passed the point of
    no return for inevitable environmental and biological catastrophe, widespread extinction. But, if this is so, let’s go down fighting! Join or organize for a local core of activists and thanks, Dylan for being a patriot.

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