What Happened to Barack Obama?

The most annoying proclamation in modern America is the brilliant: “I don’t like Politics”

The Empire is most appreciative for your benign contempt. It really helps.


Six years ago, as the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns were pulling tomfoolery all over Iowa and New Hampshire- Mrs. Clinton was the subject of a good old-fashioned 7th grade level THRASHING at the hands of the Media.

A bitter, angry, take-down of all things Clinton. Bitchy America in glorious Full Mode.

Guys named Chris Anderson or was it Kurt Andersen or Maureen Dowd or Matthew Dowd or someone else- prattling on about the horror and gasp- Baggage.

And painting The Clintons as repulsive pond-scum. It was a sick display. Left-wing media, of course dahhling.

Hope and Change teens like Senator Claire McCaskill’s daughter pleaded: “You have to do it, or I’m never talking to you again” for Mom to switch allegiance and give her super-delegate nod to Barack Obama. Lots of loyal friends bail on Hillary. Super bummer.

The Beltway and New York crowd pulled an Al Gore on Hillary-replete with hair, crying and pantsuit columns. Glorious snarky pleased-with-itself musings.  She’s a hawk, too DLC, too, um, icky; plus she Forgives.

Now it’s just SO boring. Obama is to the Right of Reagan but no one will give him any credit. So unfair and so over this Politics thing too. Stop whining about the constitutional lawyer putting the most whistle blowers in jail ever. Drones and the Global War on Terrorism?  The Banks and Civil Liberties? What do you want him to do? For christ’s sake stop whining about Guantanamo. The Republicans won’t let him do anything!  And people were mean to George W. Bush so Both Sides Do It.


Stop fighting!


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