Real Time With Bill Maher ~ October 5, 2012

Charismatic!   TULLYCAST….


  1. Alya Solet

    It will be good if Bill Meher would let somebody talk about CHEMTRAILS

    The world is waiting to know what the chemtraiis about, but I am sure he will be
    afraid of losing his job like all other cowards. Silence is richer than the truth.

    We need a hero. I thought


    1. Alya Solet

      Bill Meher, please, be the hero the world is waiting for.
      Have somebody coming on your show to explain CHEMTRAILS.
      You will get million of fans from all the many nations of Earth.
      We are counting on you, alone. Jesse Ventura cowarded out. Dont do the same thing.
      Be a hero for the millions who have been waiting for somebody who is not
      afraid to talk like you. Keep the truth alive. Thank you.


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