A Brief Thank-You to Tullycast

Videosurfers to John Tully:

Thank you so much for your attempts to make Bill Maher  available outside the US. There are so many of us that would happily pay to see the show and yet no one will offer it outside the US. Can’t understand why as this show needs to be seen everywhere to paint a more positive picture of the US. This and a few other MSNBC shows are the  only ones speaking any common sense or expressing any sense of the common good


One Comment

  1. Yellowbird

    I agree completely. It seems the corporate controlled media only want foreign nations to see us as a pack of right wing hard liners, narrow minded, and incapable of understanding anything human.

    They’re wrong of course, and we the people of the United States rely on the common sense of people in other nations to understand that there is the line perpetrated by the powers that rule a nation, and the people themselves. They are never alike.

    Bottom line is that America is no longer a free nation. We are being ruled by a pack of right wing zealots who were never voted into power, but who took over our nation and are over-lording us, ruling our every day activities, including this post. You may consider it about as safe to write this as it is in China.

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