After 9 years of the Patriot Act and Fisa We Should be Grateful That Somebody Actually Started a 4th Amendment Conversation in This Country

innocent bystander — 11/25/10 11:47am

That corporate thugs will not seek to exploit for their own ends . . . so do we just shut up and take it? do we refrain from criticizing food safety regulations because it would open the door for attacks on government workers and the obama administration? do we not aggressively criticize the wars in iraq and afghanistan because they can be construed as attacks on our military and, again, the obama administration? do we publicly discredit those who, on principle, criticize food safety, war policy, and yes, airline passenger inspections, because their voices are being co-opted? it seems to me that the koch brothers would love to see the principled voices delegitimized, so that the left disengages and the tea party crowd can completely turn the discussion to their purposes, like their desire to institute racial profiling

After 9 years of the patriot act and fisa, we should be grateful that SOMEBODY actually started a 4th amendment conversation in this country . . . but the nation threw the tyner baby out with the tea party bath water, and when Greenwald and Scahill came to his defense, you piled on . . . so now progressives will be wary of supporting any scrutiny of the tsa and its violations of our civil rights . . . but the tea partiers won’t back off until they have milked this one for all it is worth . . . once again, they will be the loudest voices

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