Gov. Christie needs more time to decide fate of Hudson River tunnel

Monday, October 25, 2010


Andrew Mills

Gov. Chris Christie will decide the fate of the Hudson River tunnel within the next few days

TRENTON — New Jersey’s governor is expected to take at least another day before announcing whether the nation’s largest public works project will continue or die.

Gov. Chris Christie is considering whether to restart a Hudson River rail tunnel project that he killed because of escalating costs. However, the nation’s transportation secretary pressed Christie to reconsider.

The governor objects to the state being on the hook for potential cost overruns and wants someone else to help pick up the tab. The federal government and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey are each contributing $3 billion.

New Jersey’s share is $2.7 billion plus the overruns. If Christie kills the project, he could use some of the money to replenish the state’s broke Transportation Trust Fund.

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