Overtime ~ Real Time With Bill Maher

Overtime ~ Real Time With Bill Maher


  1. John

    Hey Bill,
    why arevyou going soft on Christine O’Donnell? No more clips? What bout other crackpots of the right…..the Nazi wanna be in Ohio, Palladino -the holy, family man, who has a bastard child.
    The ole gezzer running in Washington state (senate) who believes in some radiation consumption is ok for human consumption, the David Duke wannabe canditate running in ny…..I can go on and on. Keep up the fight, oh and if u ever make it this way, let’s have a smoke.
    PS your movie was pretty damn good

  2. Carey Erickson

    How toxic are the used up batteries from electric cars? Will the conversion from fossil fuel to man made polluting batteries just create another environmental catastrophy?

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