San Francisco remembers Jerry Garcia



All around the world, Jerry Garcia has been remembered as one of the most talented musicians.

“Days Between” is much more than just a title of a Grateful Dead song for the people of San Francisco. The days between August 1 and August 9 marked the memories of Jerry Garcia, the luminous guitarist of all time.

The famous musician and songwriter, Jerry Garcia is memorized by the people of San Francisco every year on these days, as Aug 1, 1942, marks his birthday and Aug 9, 1995, marks his death.

The iconic musician Jerry Garcia died of heart attack and left ineradicable impressions on the lives of many.

The year 2010 marks the 15th death anniversary of the legendary Jerry Garcia. His fans continue to honor Jerry Garcia in diverse ways. Whether by naming a park amphitheater after him or by naming an ice cream after him, his fans continue to pay tribute to Jerry Garcia.

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