Conversation in a Toronto Cab

Conversation in a Toronto Cab


I am in a cab, heading over to my Mum’s last night. My cab driver and I are having a chat  and since we are Canadian this means that we are culturally bound to discuss the weather, which is cold and snowy- as one expects in January.

Cabbie: Do you know I came to Canada from Southern India 22 years ago. I’ve worked 22 years to bring my mother here to live with me.
Me: Wow. That’s a long time. Is she here now?
Cabbie: No Miss, she came, but she went back home. It was my fault.
Me: Oh dude.  Don’t tell me.
Cabbie:  I brought her in January.
Me: Oh, buddy.
Cabbie: I know. It was -20 Celsius.  She stayed for only 36 hours.  She will never come back.
Me: That is a mistake.
Cabbie: It is.  I should have brought her in summer.
Me: Totally.

Cabbie: I still can’t believe I did that  – after all, I had 22 years to work on my plan.

I laughed, and laughed and laughed.

Posted by Stephanie at January 12, 2010

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