Why Do The Insurance Companies Have Anti-Trust Exemption? ~ Rep. Alan Grayson on Olbermann

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One Comment

  1. Yellowbird

    I find it hilarious the anger that brews with Fed Banksters when faced with a knowledgeable person such as Rep. Grayson. Barney Frank gets under their skin too.

    It’s obvious what is going on to all of us isn’t it? The American middle class has been pinned to the mat with LAWS that prevent us from fighting for our rights, an unsustainable cost of living that keeps us nailed to the grindstone, and a parliament of whores pretending to be representatives of the people, all stuffing their pockets while we have been systematically raped of our national and personal wealth.

    How long will we stand for this? Our people are being turned into starving peasants.

    When you are dealing with hundreds of generations of peasants, it works because to the peasants in that scenario, it’s a way of life; they have no great expectations. But here in America, there are no peasants. We all stem from generations of workers, and dreamers who roll up their sleeves and work for a better future. To see the years gone and the rewards stolen foments revolution.

    There. You have it.

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