Fake Florida 2000 Election Protesters Are Back at Town Halls; Congressional Aides, Pimply-Faced Interns and The Usual Wonk Dregs



On November 19, 2000, a funny thing happened in Florida. You may remember this:

Florida Brooks Bros Riot Tullycast

An angry mob of conservatives staged a riot inside a Miami-Dade County polling office and managed to shut down the most crucial Bush v. Gore recount in the country.

It was later discovered that some of these individuals were on the Bush recount committee’s payroll. They were just a few of “at least 750” Republican operatives flown in from around the country on the GOP’s dollar.

Although originally described as a spontaneous uprising, it soon became clear that the recount riot was organized by then-Congressman John Sweeney (R-NY), who had issued the order to “shut it down.”

(A grateful President George W. Bush would later nickname Sweeney “Congressman Kickass,” for reasons that are all his own.)

And wouldn’t you know it — the “Brooks Brothers rioters” are back.

This time, instead of helping to bilk Florida voters out of a thorough and complete recount, they appear to be fast at the work of ensuring America’s poor are not allowed the luxury of decent health care.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow revealed last night that her recent comparisons of the anti-health mobs and the 2000 ‘Brooks Brothers riot’ were just in theme and spirit. “A historical analogy,” she said.

But — Lo, and behold — some of the same operatives that helped secure the George W. Bush presidency are organizing not-so-different angry mobs today.

Highlighting the connections between the men spotted then and now and the organizations behind both the 2000 riot and today’s town hall disruptions, Maddow wryly asked, “Who knew the organized efforts to take over town halls and chase congressmen through parking lots would also serve as a ‘Brooks Brothers riot alumni’ meet-and-greet?”

“What a tremendous coincidence!” she concluded:


One Comment

  1. Martha Miller-Hampton


    While there is still time law and order must be legislated and enforced to regulate the use of ORGANIZED ASSERTIVE SUBJECTIVE DEHUMANIZING POLITICAL SOPHIST PROPAGANDA; this is sophistry and propaganda that is harmful to National Security; this was done to the Weimar Republic in Germany and we all know what happened there; if we in the United States do not want the same thing to happen here, it is time to act and prohibit the assertive use of ORGANIZED SUBJECTIVE DEHUMANIZING POLITICAL SOPHISTRY and ORGANIZED SUBJECTIVE DEHUMANIZING POLITICAL PROPAGANDA, as a means to exercise POWER and CONTROL by the few to oppress and tyrannize the many, by making ORGANIZED SUBJECTIVE DEHUMANIZING POLITICAL SOPHISTRY and ORGANIZED SUBJECTIVE DEHUMANIZING POLITICAL PROPAGANDA a crime of conspiracy against the National Security of the United States.

    I am in no way suggesting an impingement on the free speech of individual citizens. What I am saying is that when organizations use ASSERTIVE ORGANIZED SUBJECTIVE DEHUMANIZING POLITICAL SOPHISTRY and ASSERTIVE ORGANIZED SUBJECTIVE DEHUMANIZING POLITICAL PROPAGANDA that rises to the level of a clear, present and imminent danger to the security of the United States as a nation, this type of behavior must be criminalized and punished as a treasonable offense to the National Security of the United States.

    TREASON: The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance; or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power.

    This thread has provided evidence of treasonable offenses by a vast network of organizations who are through overt action trying to overthrow the government of the United States.


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