Ann Coulter Credit Card Declined Publix Palm Beach

Ann Coulter was left with egg all over her face in the checkout line. The chatty conservative had her credit card rejected at Publix Supermarket in Palm Beach on Saturday night.

The New York Post reports:

According to our spy, the nutty arch-conservative was caught at 9:45 p.m. Saturday night in the 10 Items or Less line at the local Publix when her card was rejected. “She was embarrassed but didn’t make a scene. She just paid with cash and ran out of there. But at least she’s eating.”

Have you seen The PopCrunch Show:


  1. Ed Grimes

    I dont care how caustic and crude her polotics are, I think this woman is fucking hot as hell and I would love to butter her muffin any time.

  2. scott

    Ooooh her credit card was declined Wow! hahaa this lady has more money than you loud mouth, Socialist loving, god hating, American hating, Nazi loving, racist liberals can ever dream of having. You probably don’t even qualify for a credit card. The lady can buy and sell you, so stop trying to influence all the other liberal sheep. Thats right librals are the sheep of the country, you are the ones that can’t think for yourselves. There is research supporting this.

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