Obama Literally Turns Away From Hillary Clinton as She Attempts Handshake

I thought it was very gracious of her to go over to Ted Kennedy and shake his hand



  1. schierling

    Obama did seem very annoyed with her presence last evening. I suppose right now all of the candidates are in fight mode, but she did seem to be very gracious to Kennedy, even in her comments after the speech. Interesting drama.

  2. Yolanda

    Kudos to Hillary. She showed guts and willingness to face uncomfortable situations head-on if necessary, by crossing the isle to greet some of her supporters. How is Obama going to unite when he cannot even look at an opponent? He should have looked Hillary in the eyes and offered to shake her hands.

  3. Robert

    I’m an educator, and I see this kind of behavior all the time… in 2nd Grade!! Is this really the kind of “change” we need?

  4. c gingrich

    As a conservative democrat, I am so alienated by the rather desperate and “childish” behaviour of the Clintons’ in their sleezy, low life attempts to discredit Obama that I am not likely to vote for her even as dog catcher if she should win the nomination — unless of course Obama is on the ticket. Otherwise, I will vote my conscience on the one issue which concerns me — abortion, I hate to say — Republican.
    c gingrich

  5. Sarah

    Cmon, he’s shaken her hand so many times, do you really think he would choose this one time to turn away on purpose? This is all ridiculous. He said someone else asked him a question. Lets take him at his word and stop talking about this.

  6. B-Red.

    That was very rude of Obama. Did not expect this from you man. What a ……………………ah, skrew it.

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