Two Vets Go At It On Hardball


On Wednesday’s “Hardball,” VoteVet’s Jon Soltz squared off with another veteran, Eric Egland, of Vets For Freedom
on today’s heated testimony on Capitol Hill surrounding the cover
up of Pat Tillman’s death. Egland–who is involved with Melanie Morgan’s Move America Forward–naturally defends Bush, Rumsfeld and the generals involved in the coverup.

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Laughably, Eglund–who authored this plan for “victory” in Iraq and is mentioned as a possible replacement for corruption-embattled politician John Doolittle
in California–calls Soltz’s demands that Bush stop his
invoking of Executive Privilege and treat the Tillman family with
respect they deserve “partisan spin.”  Um, yeah. 
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Please sign VoteVets’ petition to demand the truth

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