Annual lefty bloggers conference to be featured on Fox News Show Tonight, Again

By Sarah Lai Stirland EmailAugust 01, 2007 | 6:48:04 PMCategories: Election ’08  

So there’s been a raging rhetorical fight over political hate speech on the Internet recently between the left-leaning DailyKos and Fox’s conservative talk show host Bill O’Reilly. Following in the footsteps of the Clinton campaign, Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd
is jumping into the fray. He’s going to be on the O’Reilly Factor
defending the conference in about half an hour. Cleverly, he’s
apparently using this as an e-mail list building exercise, and to publicize his appearance in front of bloggers this week-end at the conference.

[O’Reilly fired off the first shot mid-July when he criticized JetBlue for sponsoring the YearlyKos
blogging conference in Chicago later this week. He pointed to some of
the DailyKos’ readers’ less tasteful posts, and then accused the site
of fostering hate. JetBlue then asked for its corporate logo to be removed from the YearlyKos site, but continued with its sponsorship. The war has carried on ever since.]

*In other Dodd-related news, Web developer Aaron Welch has joined the campaign as Internet Technology Director. Welch is a co-founder of  tech firm Advomatic, and a former member of the Howard Dean campaign.

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