Sean Hannity Explains “Clear, Hold and Build” to General Wesley Clarke

There’s perhaps nothing funnier than a propagandist college dropout trying to explain military strategy to a Rhodes Scholar retired four-star Army General.
Well, maybe a quick Google search that proves the propagandist wrong is
a little funnier. Although General Clarke misspoke and said “seize,
clear and hold” — he meant to say “clear, hold and build” —
he’s dead on that this is
not a new strategy. (h/t nitpicker)

Hannity: Alright. You said there was no new
strategy. Let me tell you what the new strategy is ‘cause clearly
uh I guess you’re missing what the President’s saying here.
The prior strategy, and the President admitted that there were some
mistakes made, was that they go in and they’d clear out the
insurgency and they didn’t stay long enough or hold those areas
long enough. Now the new strategy with the troop surge will be go in,
remove the insurgents, hold the areas as pa…and also accelerate
the training of Iraqi troops and police. That is a new strategy.

GENERAL WESLEY CLARK:: I don’t think that’s a new strategy. […] I’ve heard him for a year talking about “seize, clear and hold.”

Hannity: No. That’s what it is now.

That’s what the strategy is now? Hmm…

Condoleezza Rice, October 19, 2005: In short, with the Iraqi Government, our political-military strategy has to be to clear, hold, and build: to clear areas from insurgent control, to hold them securely, and to build durable, national Iraqi institutions.

George W. Bush, October 28, 2005: As Secretary Rice explained last week, our strategy is to clear, hold, and build.

Condoleezza Rice, November 20, 2005: When we talk about clear, hold, and build,
what we really mean is that we and the Iraqis have been successful now
in clearing areas. Iraqi forces are now attaining the numbers and
capabilities that will allow them to hold those places and not allow
bad guys to come back. And then they can build economic and political

Title of strategic “Fact Sheet,” March 20, 2006: Strategy for Victory: Clear, Hold, and Build

Crooks and Liars

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