Play “Funkytown” on Your Keypad Like Towelie in Southpark

If you want to play Funkytown on a keypad (of a telephone), like Towelie did in Southpark just type 55754 45085



  1. David.

    “cazbar wrote: i type ( on a samsung phone with xylophone setting on) 5545225875.”

    Thanks alot! Now I can impress my friends with my leet skills ^^

    1. Roy

      hahahaha wowwww. the bottom number (6656-11-6#96) is a phone number!!! it actually works hahahaha.

    1. dixie normus

      oh hahahaha very clever, i wonder how many dumb ass kids actually tried that one. lol, i didmt.

  2. Morons

    All phones should support standard DTMF tones. Get a DTMF app.

    Once and for all!! the correct tone sequence is:
    5575758085 or pitched higher 6686869#96

    Funky Town DTMF Tones.

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