How Madoff’s Surviving Son Handles Grief and Scandal

By Stephen Foley in New York Tuesday, 21 December 2010 THE INDEPENDENT UK The fiancĂ©e of Bernard Madoff’s surviving son has provided a glimpse of life in the shadow of history’s biggest fraud, revealing how Andrew Madoff has thrown himself into music and new business ventures as a whirlwind of recrimination continues to swirl around […]


Bank of America: When $45 Billion is Really $199.2 billion

Michael Whitney FIREDOGLAKE/ OXDOWN GAZETE Friday April 24, 2009 If you’ve been following the news, you know by now that Bank of America is in debt to the American taxpayer in the amount of $45 billion – the amount of TARP funds (aka “bailout money”) that they received since last year. But it turns out […]


Canadian Banks Avoided Mortgage Meltdown

CBS News Bankers Eschewed Subprime Loans, Mortgage Securities; The Result — No Bank Failures Two more U.S. banks were taken over by the government overnight. And while a number of this country’s biggest banks reported improving conditions this week, some of their accounting methods have been questioned. One place where none of this banking drama […]