A Key British Official Reminds Us of the Forgotten Anthrax Attack

By Glenn Greenwald S A L O N Britain is currently engulfed by a probing, controversial investigation into how their Government came to support the invasion of Iraq, replete with evidence that much of what was said at the time by both British and American officials was knowingly false, particularly regarding the unequivocal intention of the Bush […]


Bob Somerby on Maddow, Dowd, Matthews and Mission Accomplished

THE DAILY HOWLER LIKE DOWD ON RICE: Good God. The history of an age could be found in Greg Mitchell’s post last Friday. Or could it? On the sixth anniversary of “Mission Accomplished,” Mitchell recalled the way big pundits recorded Commander Bush’s splashdown on the deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. The commander strutted about […]


CIA Ordered To Hand Over Information About Destroyed Torture Tapes

John Byrne THE RAW STORY The Central Intelligence Agency must turn over records regarding detainee interrogation tapes the agency destroyed in an alleged effort to protect the identity of its officers. A federal judge rejected the CIA’s attempt to withhold records relating to the agency’s destruction of 92 videotapes that depicted interrogation of CIA prisoners […]