Another Record Profit For Exxon

Who Would Have Thunk It? Exxon Mobil made a profit of $14.83bn (£8.97bn) between July and September, smashing its own record for the highest quarterly profit by a US company. In the second quarter this year, when oil prices were still rising, the oil giant made a profit of $11.68bn. The new record represents a […]


Dennis Kucinich Rocks The House; Pleads With Americans to “Wake Up”

From John Amato’s Singular Crooks and Liars Download | Play Download | Play Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke at the Democratic National Convention today and there is little doubt his was the most enthusiastic and hard hitting speech thus far. Dennis always comes armed with truth and facts, and today was no exception. From illegal wiretapping, Iraq […]


From Secret Deals With Big Oil in The White House to Permanent Bases in Iraq

Think Progress Engel: Permanent Bases Would Technically Be Iraqi With U.S. ‘Tenants’ As ‘A Face Saving Device On Thursday, the UK Independent’s Patrick Cockburn reported on “a secret deal being negotiated in Baghdad” that “would perpetuate the American military occupation of Iraq indefinitely.” According to Cockburn, the deal result in American soldiers being stationed on […]