July 15, 2011 ~ Real Time With Bill Maher

Guests are “Forks Over Knives” author Dr. T. Colin Campbell, “Entourage” occasional guest star and billionaire Basketball team owner Mark Cuban, Thomson Reuters editor Chrystia Freeland and columnist Dan Savage.  Comic and podcaster Marc Maron is an interview guest. THE   TULLYCAST  


May 6, 2011 ~ Real Time With Bill Maher

HBO Real Time Guests May 6, 2011 Top-of-show is Peter Bergen, journalist and author of The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict Between America and al-Qaeda Mid-show is Irshad Manji, author of the upcoming Allah: Liberty and Love and director of the Moral Courage Project at NYU. Panel: Michael Eric Dyson, author of Can You Hear […]