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The Hack Thirty

The Hack Thirty 1. Richard Cohen 2. Mark Halperin 3. Thomas Friedman 4. David Broder 5. Marty Peretz 6. Marc Thiessen 7. Jonah Goldberg 8. Maureen Dowd 9. Laura Ingraham 10. Peggy Noonan 11. George Will 12. John Fund 13. Roger Simon 14. David Ignatius 15. Mort Zuckerman 16. Michael Barone 17. Bill Kristol 18. […]


Glenn Greenwald Obliterates All-Star Suckup Jeffrey Goldberg

(updated below [reply to Joe Klein] – Update II) Jeffrey Goldberg responded yesterday to my post detailing his long list of journalistic malfeasance by telling me that he and the Prime Minister of Iraqi Kuridstan would like me to travel there to hear how much the Kurds appreciate the U.S. invasion of Iraq.  Leaving aside the complete non […]