Hillary Clinton

Bill Maher’s Real Time | October 12 2007 | Paul Krugman, Naomi Klein, Tucker Carlson, Joy Behar And Vicente Fox

Tucker Carlson talks about Hillary Clinton and her “authoritarian” health care program, “forcing” people to buy health insurance. SCHIP, the program for kids is debated; Poverty, smoking, the “working poor”. Graeme Frost, even the Air Florida crash with Lennie Skutnik gets a nod;
Blackwater U.S.A. and the fraud and graft going on over in Iraq are debated.
Mr. Carlson argues with straw men in his head as Mr. Krugman injects some common sense into the proceedings and Ms. Behar calls Michelle Malkin a “selfish bitch, probably”
James Dobson’s threat to not back any Republican candidate and go third-party is mentioned.

Bonus:: Tucker plays his “libertarian” card like it’s making his head get fatter if he doesn’t prattle on.

::Axis Of Evil included::

BONUS TWO:: Bill tries to get in his obligatory “Dems suck too” meme by bringing up the cigarette tax, lathering up Carlson into a “join the team of freedom” squawk.

Libertarian- Democrats with cooler music….

Make Tucker Carlson wear a bowtie again.
He has to