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Marine Generals to Cheney: Quit the Scare Tactics, Bub

Thomas Ricks Foreign Policy Tue, 09/15/2009 – 11:11am Former Marine commandant Charles Krulak and former Marine general Joseph Hoar, who succeeded Schwarzkopf at Central Command, dress down former VP Cheney on the issue of torture. Good for them. … we never imagined that we would feel duty-bound to publicly denounce a vice president of the […]


Former Republican Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico Has His Records Subpoenaed in David Iglesias, U.S. Attorneys Scandal

Ex-lawmaker’s records subpoenaed in firings probe Associated Press – February 11, 2009 WASHINGTON (AP) – A federal grand jury has subpoenaed records of former Republican Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico. Career federal prosecutor Nora R. Dannehy is looking into whether former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, other Bush administration officials or Republicans in Congress should […]


British Troops Are Like: “We’re Out of Iraq, Cheerio”

(CNN) — British troops will begin leaving Iraq in May, more than six years after joining the U.S.-led invasion that ousted former dictator Saddam Hussein, Britain and Iraq announced Wednesday. The British mission will wrap up by the end of May, with the last troops withdrawing over the next two months, British Prime Minister Gordon […]