Real Time With Bill Maher ~ June 28, 2013

Saturday night’s alright for fightin’…

Hall of Fame Ballot Football

Pat Tillman-Victim of Not Friendly Fire

Real Time With Bill Maher ~ June 28, 2013 

Real Time With Bill Maher ~ June 21, 2013




Real Time With Bill Maher ~ June 21, 2013 

Real Time With Bill Maher ~ June 14, 2013

Niall Ferguson is a bit of an ass, huh?



Real Time With Bill Maher ~ June 7, 2013

Fridays at ten

on the Love Boat….


“Cablegate” to Date: A Unique List of What’s Been Revealed

“Cablegate” to Date: A Unique List of What’s Been Revealed

By Greg Mitchell

from the Huffington Post 

Many critics of WikiLeaks still, somehow, claim that there’s “nothing new” in the Cablegate releases (now stretching back to November 28), that most of the issues raised raised by the cables are old hat, and the impact (as in Tunisia, for example) overhyped. So it seems useful here, for the first time in easy to consider format, to assemble most of the major revelations. This seems especially valuable because the reporting is now scattered around the globe, often emerging from smaller papers.

At the outset, the cables were published by the media partners, not WikiLeaks itself. The New York Times made good on its promise to cover them hot and heavy for about ten days, while the Guardian did all that and more. But Times coverage quickly grew sporadic, the Guardian fell out with Assange (he has now turned to the Telegraph), while the Norwegian daily Aftenposten picked up some of the slack.

Here are brief summaries, listed chronologically, as they appeared. There are even more in my new book The Age of WikiLeaks. Not included are the shocking cables concerning Egypt released on January 27 and other recent bombshells:

-Saudi donors remain the chief financiers of Sunni militant groups like Al Qaeda.

-Saudis (and some other Middle Eastern states) pressed U.S. to take stronger action against Iran.

-Yemeni president lied to his own people, claiming his military carried out air strikes on militants actually done by U.S. All part of giving U.S. full rein in country against terrorists. [Read more…]

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