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Andrew Sullivan’s Defense of Presidential Assassinations

Andrew Sullivan’s defense of presidential assassinations By Glenn Greenwald- S A L O N During the Bush-era torture debates, I was never able to get past my initial incredulity that we were even having a “debate” over whether the¬†President has the authority to torture people.¬† Andrew Sullivan has responded to some of the questions I […]


Oliver Willis Jumps The Shark ~ Dag

Shitake City Batman, another hero of mine goes down the rabbit hole… McNabb to the ‘Skins sure has messed up some minds the past 24 hours… When it comes to war and the military, there are two attitudes that I despise. The first, and more widespread, comes from the right and their insistence that military […]


This Just In: Obama Completely and Utterly Sells Out To Fear

Glenn Greenwald in SALON Obama adviser Greg Craig: adding insult to injury In today’s New York Times, James Risen — who won the Pulitzer Prize for exposing Bush’s illegal NSA spying program — has an article on Obama supporters who are criticizing Obama for his FISA reversal and attempting to defeat the bill Obama supports. […]