David Brooks

The Hack Thirty

The Hack Thirty 1. Richard Cohen 2. Mark Halperin 3. Thomas Friedman 4. David Broder 5. Marty Peretz 6. Marc Thiessen 7. Jonah Goldberg 8. Maureen Dowd 9. Laura Ingraham 10. Peggy Noonan 11. George Will 12. John Fund 13. Roger Simon 14. David Ignatius 15. Mort Zuckerman 16. Michael Barone 17. Bill Kristol 18. […]


The Bizarre and Dangerous World of Shields and Brooks

What in God’s Name are they prattling on about? Jibberdy-jab squiggly squad political commentary signifying nothing. The GOP spends #trillions on Wars and TARP and these Bozos in Washington are just so …turned on by the thought of cutting Social Security  and assorted Entitlements./ This Austerity Fetish in D.C. is Hi-larious… I might have to […]