Bill Maher Destroys Trump Advisor and Heritage Fellow Stephen Moore With Facts


19 Statistics Indicate Corporate America Has Destroyed America’s Economy


September 29, 2010

By William Cormier

There are 19 statistics that indicate America’s economy may never recover and it is evident that Corporate America has delivered a death knell to our Middle-class and the entire economy. The facts you will read in this post represents irrefutable evidence that Corporate America has been busy dismantling our economy for years with the help of corrupt politicians in Washington. They have also compromised national security.


The first time I read about these gruesome facts was at a Blog called The Economic Collapse. Today, I noted that an identical spread also appeared on the Business Insider Select. Ninety-eight percent of the material appeared to have been written by the Business Insider which provided some interesting commentary on these issues, and while I don’t agree with all of their opinions I believe that it’s worth critiquing their assessment of our terrible decline in manufacturing and what the effect will be on our overall economy and way of life. The facts you will read in this post represents irrefutable evidence that Corporate America has been busy dismantling our economy for years and they knew that it would result in the utter destruction of our economy. (Corporate America could not have accomplished this without the tacit approval and direct help from our Congress and Presidency.) Businesses and corporations insist that they had a duty to increase profits for their shareholders, even if it came at the expense of our economic destruction and significantly reduced our national security. There is also compelling evidence that a huge amount of this “deindustrialization” and dismantling of our economy gained momentum during President Bush’s criminal Presidency, and I will vividly illustrate how these actions have significantly imperiled our national security. [Read more…]

President Barack Obama Arrives in Europe

Obama arrives in London, first leg of Europe trip

LONDON โ€“ President Barack Obama embarked on his Europe trip Tuesday, with a hefty economic and national security agenda for his first journey across the Atlantic since taking office two months ago. The president and first lady Michelle Obama arrived in London Tuesday night local time. First up for the president was a summit of the world’s economic powers to address the global financial meltdown.

Obama planned to meet with leaders of Britain, Russia and China โ€” major players in the U.S. financial system. He also scheduled meetings with leaders of India and South Korea while in London.

During his eight-day, five-country trip, Obama is scheduled to meet with European leaders who split with the United States over the war in Iraq and the treatment of suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, under President George W. Bush.

He also will participate in a NATO summit marking the 60 years since the alliance was founded to blunt Soviet aggression in Europe.

Obama plans to attend international summits on urgent topics, including the downward-spiraling fight against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also will make his first stop in a Muslim nation, Turkey.

Wildly popular around the globe but relatively inexperienced in foreign affairs, Obama and the first lady also will squeeze in a Buckingham Palace audience with Queen Elizabeth II. He will deliver a speech in France on the trans-Atlantic relationship and an address in Prague on weapons proliferation. And he will host a round-table session with students in Turkey.

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