Billy Tauzin

Healthcare Reform: What a Week

by mcjoan at D A I L Y  K O S Mon Aug 10, 2009 at 07:16:03 AM PDT These are times that try a progressive healthcare blogger’s soul. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a political establishment that looks at the fact that the Bush administration, led by Dick Cheney in every venal step, […]


Health Care Industry Operates Shadow Congress of Lobbyists

Sunlight Foundation By Paul Blumenthal on 07/06/09 @ 11:20 am | 0 Comments Tags: Billy Tauzin, Congress, health care, Lobbying, Lobbyist, Lobbyists, Max Baucus, Revolving Door, Senate Finance Committee The Washington Post reports today that the health care industry, in its attempt to influence the debate over health care reform, has hired at least 350 […]