Artie Lange

Sulu Gets Married as Uhura and Chekov Look On

Toast the groom (and the other groom) with a tall mug of Romulan ale! George Takei of “Star Trek” fame tied the knot in Los Angeles on Sunday and People magazine was all over it like Captain Kirk on that green alien lady. George Takei and his longtime partner, Brad Altman, were wed Sunday evening […]


Artie Lange Checks Into “Intensive” Rehab

Page Six Howard Stern‘s sidekick is finally in rehab. Artie Lange, who’s long overindulged with drugs and drink, was scheduled to attend close pal Bob Saget‘s Comedy Central roast on Sunday night, but never made it to LA. Instead, he checked himself into an intensive outpatient rehab program. A source said Lange “felt awful for […]


Judge Rules White House Aides Can Be Subpoenaed

The NEW YORK TIMES August 1, 2008 By DAVID STOUT WASHINGTON — President Bush’s top advisers must honor subpoenas issued by Congress, a federal judge ruled on Thursday in a case that involves the firings of several United States attorneys but has much wider constitutional implications for all three branches of government. “The executive’s current […]