Hillary Clinton

Obama ’s Wholesale Sellout to the Politics of Fear

I’m still in a shocked state from witnessing Obama and Hillary prove today who was the better Democratic candidate. With Obama’s wholesale selling out to fear and politics and even approving cloture on FISA so as not to allow a filibuster, tells me all I need to know about this candidate of change. I’ve got […]


Sen Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) revives campaign with Ohio, Texas wins

MSNBC.com N.Y. senator also takes Rhode Island, NBC projects; Obama wins Vermont BREAKING NEWS NBC News and MSNBC updated 12:51 a.m. ET, Wed., March. 5, 2008 Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton threw up a roadblock on Sen. Barack Obama’s path to the Democratic presidential nomination by winning the giant Ohio and Texas primaries, NBC News projected […]