Hillary Clinton Seals the Deal for Obama’s Nomination; Richard Cohen Wets his Pants


Here’s Cohen’s Dreck about Hillary’s speech last night

DENVER – His former rival moving for his nomination by acclimation as her friends and supporters chanted her name, Barack Obama became the Democrats’ official nominee this evening, with nary a suggestion of disunity in the house.

The traditional roll call of states proceeded, with each in its turn announcing the votes of its delegates, with California and then Illinois – Obama’s home state – passing. Then, as it got to New Mexico, with Obama well ahead of Hillary Clinton in the call, that state passed to Illinois, which then passed to New York.

Clinton – New York’s junior senator – was led into the hall, and, smiling, she called for Obama – who she fought a sometimes bitter primary battle against – to be nominated for the presidency by acclimation.

“Let’s declare together in once voiced, right here, right now, that Barack Obama is our candidate and he will be our president,” she said, as applause boomed through the Pepsi Center.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – overseeing the proceedings – asked for yeas and nays. The former thundered through the hall, and, knowing something about calling voice votes, Pelosi seemed to gloss quickly past any scattering nay votes which may have resonated in the venue.

It didn’t matter. Obama was going to be the nominee, having secured it by beating Clinton during the primary season and winning the support of superdelegates to the convention even though it was she who was once considered the overwhelming front runner in the race for the Democratic nod to the White House.

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