Obama ’s Wholesale Sellout to the Politics of Fear

I’m still in a shocked state from witnessing Obama and Hillary prove today who was the better Democratic candidate. With Obama’s wholesale selling out to fear and politics and even approving cloture on FISA so as not to allow a filibuster, tells me all I need to know about this candidate of change.

I’ve got to tell you Obama-Heads that every once in a while , I get a good vibe when I think about what putting Mr. Obama in charge of this once decent nation would say to the rest of the planet.

After reading and hearing some of the most snarky, mean, hurtful and convoluted critiques of Mrs. Clinton over the past year it still stings to have to start coming around and landing in the Obama camp. It has to be done though and you’re either on the [Democrat] bus or you’re off the bus.

Thirty years of “Oh, all politicians are corrupt” bookended with the other classic”There’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats” put the Grover Norquist/Irv Kristol nail in the coffin when good/smart guy Albert Gore was defeated by a dry-drunk clunkhead who deserted his military duty.

In seven years, George Bush managed to thoroughly ruin my little Avril Rose’s America and I’ll never forget that.

No offense to Luke Russert but deciding to become an Independent just means that the GOP triumphs. I understand why all you Ron Paul-heads and Dennis Kucinich-Heads and John Edwards-Heads really liked your candidate , I truly do-but we’ve got to get this country back into the hands of a party that will stop the dangerous direction that we’re All heading in.

I worry about this obviously good person Barack Obama and always have because of the well-known corrupting power that the District can have on a person. This FISA capitulation/aiding and abetting in the destruction of the Fourth Amendment is devastating. Is this some tough-guy Chicago Politics scheme to Criminally go after the Telecoms after he’s in office, as John Dean and Keith Olbermann posit?
Does Rezko, Donald Young, Larry Sinclair and blackmail do the trick?
Did some Senior Adviser convince him to abandon all principles merely to ensure that McCain couldn’t call Obama a friend to the tayerists? Again, Obama claimed that he would even veto a cloture on Immunity for the Telecoms as well as the actual bill so color me stunned.

It just might take a little while longer now to step onto that bus , that’s all

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